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In honor of the 23rd of April, I present 6 more pages from my 23 pages of twenty-three 23‘s sketchbook gallery. I spend many of my days doodling the number 23, so it only seems fitting to highlight the newest addition to my gallery on the 23rd in my doodle blog.

For more details and a larger view of each sketch, see my flickr page. To view the gallery in peace and quiet, visit my website. Enjoy 🙂 And happy 23rd to you.


Sometimes life throws these at you…no, not popsicles.
EVERY obstacle possible.

Just say that phrase below and tell me you don’t smile or think of popsicles.

I think it would be a good name for a band.

popsicle obstacles

Have you heard of doane paper? I first heard about it through notmartha – and today I started doodling on my new favorite paper. Print some out for yourself – or purchase a pad of paper. Whatever you do, make creating a habit. (a theme derived from The Sound of Paper – a book I am thoroughly enjoying…)

A digitally enchanced, color version of this doodle resides on flickr.

define23 on Flickr