I’m working on a few more pages for 23 pages of twenty-three 23’s. I thought that the process for this one deserved a sneak peek.

inspired by jasper johsn

I could easily say that this page is done. But my inspiration for this piece, Jasper Johns, didn’t create any of his layered numerical masterpieces on the computer. I am using the digital tool as my aid to output 23 different 23’s set in 23 typefaces. But then I will transfer each one to my sketchbook in order for it to earn its rightful place in my gallery 🙂 Still, I couldn’t help but share the beautiful digital doodle…

23 layer series


I created this back in 2005, prior to marriage, prior to all of the current changes in my life. It was for a project that Penelope was hosting on her website. The original idea was to add a page to a sketchbook illustrating the best advice you have received and then pop it in the mail and keep sending it around the globe. Somewhere along the line, the exchange ended and so it became digital postings of our sketchbook entries.

The best advice that I receive comes in many forms – so I boiled it down to the key words that resonate the loudest in my life. This really speaks to me right now as I pack up my life and prepare for a new life in San Francisco.

I had this idea one day as I drove to work in my little yellow bug, following a cream-colored mini…the world would be way too cool if the only cars on the road were VW bugs and mini coopers. 🙂

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